We can pressure clean your pavers with +/- 3300 pounder per pressure cleaner that gets rid of sand, dirt, weeds, and more. We then re-sand the surface for both beauty and longevity.



Once the area dries and there is little to no chance that it will rain, we re-stain your pavers with fine silica sand. We’ll broom sand into the joints and use a blower to get rid of any excess sand not in joints.



Paver sealing gives your pavers an attractive wet look and helps protect them against stains. Sealed pavers are easier to clean, are protected against fading, and have their original color preserved.

One of the reasons homeowners often choose pavers is that they look great but do not require much maintenance at all. They outshine other options and they offer a unique “wet” look. If you want yours to look as beautiful as possible for life, then you want to seal your pavers.

Paver sealing protects your pavers against stains, makes them easier to clean, ensures that they will not fade, and preserves their original color. In fact, we can often enhance the natural color. Paver sealing soaks into the pores of the paver for deep protection.

Fuller Stone Care can help with it all

There are other companies you could choose but Fuller Stone Care offers exceptional paver sealing service for the entirety of Southern California. Our goal is to ensure that you have to do nothing beyond choose us as your paver sealing company and tell us what you need. We are ready to put our decades of experience to work for you.

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